Database Differences

We see database schema differeneces, database data differences and database dependencies all in one database comparison suite.

Support SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases.

We see differences
Database differences

Database Differences

DBTYP.NET Studio is high speed intuitive tool for visual cross database comparison and synchronization that performs structure and data comparisons of SQL Server, MySQL and Oracle databases. In addition it allows you to inspect all database objects dependencies.


Visually identify schema and data differences within a second

Discover database object dependencies

Supports SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL databases

Dependecy Lookup & Full Text Search

Database Dependency Lookup, analyze database and builds a hierarchical tree diagram of all dependent database object - tables, views, stored procedures and functions.

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What People Say About Us

  • Alexander - CTO Hanitel

    ...Let me just say that if you do database comparison or know anyone who does it and you (or they) don't have this tool, you are working way, way, way too hard.
  • Nadine

    ...DBTYP.NET is quite efficient. The unique schema and data difference algorithm of DBTYP.NET does not fail and takes a couple of minutes even on large databases where all other products crashes or need hours to get a whole structure.