Database Data Compare

Database Data Compare compares data from source and target databases allowing you to select a single table (or set of tables) which needs to be compared. Results are visually shown in a fully colourful grid. At the same time, SQL synchronisation script is generated and full statistic about number of added, changed or missing rows is shown.

Cross-platform technology, which DBTYP.NET Studio fully support, provides complete and transparent operations with databases – SQL ServerOracle and MySQL

Key Features

DBTYP.NET Studio will save you time managing your database changes, bringing your development environment to the production or taking a whole set or just a small part of the production data to the development environment for easier debugging. It will boost up your development time and make a significant reduction of human resources.

The heart of the system relies on latest Microsoft’s .NET technology which brings the fastest data loading. Our unique schema and data difference algorithm takes in place, especially on a large databases, where all other products crash or need hours to get a whole structure. We need just a couple of minutes in that case.