Database Schema Compare

Database Schema Compare compares database schemas by scanning both databases and displays every schema in it’s own tree view with all differences colour marked. It shows at the same time full database synchronization script in both directions. For each object provides a visually colourful script difference dialog. It allows you to compare tables, constraints, indexes, views, stored procedures and functions between two databases. User can view comparison results at high level, or drill down to the fine grains of every detail for each database object.

Cross-platform technology, which DBTYP.NET Studio fully support, provides complete and transparent operations with databases – SQL ServerOracle and MySQL

Key Features

DBTYP.NET Studio will save you time managing your database changes, bringing your development environment to the production or taking a whole set or just a small part of the production data to the development environment for easier debugging. It will boost up your development time and make a significant reduction of human resources.